Shayla is one of our front desk staff, coordinating appointments and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Shayla excels in customer service, hosting and organizing the little girl spa birthday parties, and keeping the salon in pristine condition. She enjoys all the spa treatments, especially the lash extensions, and has the most wanted hair!  If you are wanting the perfect spa gift recommendation or to book in a large group, Shayla would be happy to help.

​​Office Manager
Tawnie may be petite, but she can be tough. She literally grew up in the salon and worked herself from cleaning kid to Sales Manager. She is always on the lookout for how to improve salon life and how to take care of our staff , valued clients, and the bottom line. She enjoys her redneck weekends: quads, mud, beers and her dog. She makes an exceptional bacon-flavored vodka and has a passion for making Razors Edge the best salon and day spa in The North.


Owner/Senior Stylist

Joan is our fearless leader. She is Owner, Stylist, Plumber, Interior Designer, and Personal Shopper. She opened Razors Edge in 1991 and worked it from a fledgling little salon to the largest Hair Studio and Day Spa in Northern BC. She is more than confident in her skills behind the chair and has enjoyed hair education from all corners of the earth. When Joan isn't cutting hair, painting, or designing, she enjoys a good cruise through Value Village and spends many hours caring for her coveted Koi pond.




Delaney is one of our front desk coordinators, and that's no easy job.  She can be found manning the phones, the schedule, the register, the gift cards, giving great sales assistance, and greeting our guests.  She is a self confessed makeup junkie and is the person to ask if you are looking for a new makeup fix.  She has been honing her makeup artist skills and is now creating beautiful applications on clients!  We appreciate her great customer service skills and her unique style.  



Front Desk Coordinator


Nicole has recently returned to Razors Edge after starting a family.  Her beautiful face matches her beautiful spirit, making her exceptional for our front desk.  She is busy maintaining the schedule, creating the displays, and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Nicole's smile is nonstop and something we all admire.  She enjoys the beauty industry, and is often sporting a new hairstyle or makeup look.  

General Manager

Tammy is our General Manager. She has been dedicated to Razors Edge from the beginning in 1991, and has guided the business to where it is today. Her long list of jobs include recruiting staff, training, marketing, inspiring those in other positions, and ensuring quality. She is a big believer in the staff‘s happiness is just as important as the client‘s happiness and strives to create an environment where people want to be. Tammy’s favorite spa treatments to receive are the HydraFacial & the bronzing treatment.


management & reception


Greg is the newest member at the front desk and is becoming the go to for tech support. This student can often be found with his nose in a text book working to finish his commerce degree. He brings a love of talking, laughter and finding new ways to organize information. When not answering the phones, he has been spotted around the building trying to instigate spontaneous dance parties.  Welcome Greg!